Dirty Workz’s most recent acquisition launches his debut single on the label, initiating a promising era of releases.

Allow me to convince you to listen to Serzo: real name Espen, he’s a hardstyle DJ/Producer from Norway. His epic melodies and robust kicks have impressed Coone and earned him the right of being signed by one of the best hardstyle labels out there.

Still not convinced? Then his track record will: the 20-year old boasts a very promising repertoire at such a young age: with singles on X-Bone, Q-Dance and now Dirty Workz, the Oslo-native’s first single was entitled “Connect”, gathering a couple thousand plays on Spotify. “Ready Tonight” quickly followed suit, and even an anthem celebrating 10 years of DNA being released. Since then, much more has followed with even an EP – called “Escape” – being released. Now, he comes to us with “Flyin’ High”; the first of many singles on Dirty Workz.

Starting out with a vocal, we’re quickly introduced to a dominant drop at around the 26 second mark, with kicks to jiggle your brain cells. The breakdown conjugates the pitched vocal nicely with a melodic backdrop, which introduces us to the hypnotic melody. From then on, the main lead is recycled and coupled with the previous vigorous kicks to make up 3:31min of an impressive display of power. An incredible track that showcases perfectly Espen’s talent.

Check it out in the link below!  

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