Everyday we walk closer towards the end of the gentle and eerie road leading to Grimes’ new album, with the Canadian artist releasing “My Name Is Dark”, her fourth release from the past couple months.

My Name Is Dark” starts with a catchy guitar and drums loop before being gifted with her stunning vocals, that will carry you throughout this cemetery promenade. Her talent is undeniable and she portraits exactly this on this one, with it managing to be both exciting and melancholic.

“Miss Anthropocene” will be the name of her forthcoming LP, and it will count with 10 haunting and mesmerizing Grimes characteristic tracks. The likes of “Violence” together with the techno mastermind i_o, and her previously released “So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth” will be included.

According to recent tweets, we have every right to be excited for her upcoming work as just recently, a series of tweets between Space Mom, Rezz and ‘c’, light speed Grimes.

The release date for “Miss Anthropocene” has already been announced with February 21st becoming one of the most exciting days of next year.

So, without further ado, are you ready to emerge in a pool of other-worldly and bizarre creatures, as you adventure through the sounds of Grimes?

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