The Texas-born DJ and producer Ace Aura launches his first theme on Circus Records and is full of quality just like the previous ones. Are you curious?

For many he may still be unknown however Ace Aura is a talented young DJ who has been coming up with his very characteristic dubstep and is currently reaching a big moment to get the release of his latest song “Coma” on Circus Records. Chime, owner of Rushdown Records, who helped Ace Aura show all his talent by earning him more recognition.

The summer of 2019 was also very positive for Ace Aura as he managed to do several shows in the United States where he also accompanied Pixel Terror in his hometown of Dallas, as well as making his debut at the Trinity Nightclub in Seattle.

Ace Aura also supported SVDDENDEATH and has previously release on imprints like Niney9lives and Disciple.

With all this 2020, a great year is expected for Ace Aura in which we can truly affirm himself and have great future collaborations.

Are you ready for the next level?

Listen below the new track of Ace Aura:

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