We’ve talked about how talented portuguese producers really are and Pete K won’t let us lie. He just released his latest track Nostalgia under Release Records and it truly is a musical piece.

In fact, Pedro Caldeira aka Pete K, a 26 year old DJ and producer based in Lisbon has been producing since the age of 17 and his sound is now more polished than ever. His major influences from Eric Prydz, are noticeable on his latest single, as the progressive melodies combine beautifully with a deeper beat and basslines as if this was truly a track from one of the legends. It is that well produced.

Nostalgia was released last Friday the 29th of November under Third Party‘s label Release Records, alongside Pete’s other multiple tracks, including their collab ‘Like This‘ that blew up back in 2017. Pedro may be considered a ‘protegée’ from the boss guys TP, but his technical production skills are getting better with each track he drops. This can only mean that the future is holding the best for him and we hope to see his releases getting the recognition they deserve.

You can now listen to the full original mix of this track on all digital platforms, including here:

Let us know what you think about, and most importantly, let Pete K know as well!

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