One of the most awaited lineups of the indoor season is out. We’re of course talking about Dediqated, an event that will celebrate Q-dance’s 20 years. With a focus on the past, the present, and the future, this lineup is a collection of the absolute best that’s been through the harder styles. As you may know, the story of Q-dance is deeply connected with Hard Dance itself, with the company being responsible for coining the term “Hardstyle”.

The full lineup can be found on Q-dance’s website, and it is one of the most comprehensive ones we’ve seen in years. After all, it’s got to live up to the hype and this event has to somewhat be a follow up of Q-dance Feestfabriek, from when they’ve celebrated 10 years of existence.

Among many other names, we can find artists like Dana, Luna, Endymion, Evil Activities, Technoboy, Neophyte, among others that helped shape the harder styles. Besides the focus on the timeline of the harder styles, different kinds of sounds are also celebrated, with people like Frequencerz, Sub Zero Project, B-Front and Crypsis representing a heavier sound and artists like Frontliner, Sound Rush and KELTEK representing a more melodic part of Hard Dance. Of course, these are only a few names we decided to highlight, so be sure to feast your eyes on the amazingness that is this full lineup!

Are you dediqated to the harder styles? Let us know how much!

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