The Return EP” is not simply just the name chosen for the new EP of Wasted Mind, it also represents a big step taken by the Spanish DJ/Producer in his life. Unfortunately it is getting a usual thing to see DJ’s getting a time out due to anxiety problems or other related issues as it recently happened to Headhunterz (who decided to retire from the social media for an unknown time) and Wasted Mind was part of that list.

Following a long absence of 3 years, The Wishlist Agency contacted him and, after thoroughly thinking about it, the decision of returning was made and it has officially happened at the one and only, Defqon.1 event.

The new EP comes now out on Masters of Hardcore label to show that Wasted Mind didn’t lose his touch with production and it counts on 4 new tracks:

·         Be Like Me

·         The Return

·         Where It All Began

·         Worries

All the tracks seem to be committed with the purpose of combining energetic and heavy kicks with some synths that embrace some sentimental vibes, following the style of the Spanish producer in the old days. Furthermore, the 4 names appear to have been carefully picked with the intention of showing a little bit of Wasted Mind’s story, from where it all began to his return.

The EP is available for purchasing here and you can also stream it on online audio platforms, such as Spotify:

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