Today, on Roughstate’s YouTube channel, a small preview of the latest track from the DJ/Producer Invector has been published. He might be a familiar name to you, given we’ve talked about him here before.

Invector has been spending a lot of time in the studio cooking high quality tracks. This gentleman has been quite surprising to us and is being a huge revelation.

His penultimate track was a remix of “Murder” from Adaro and was played many times at top festivals by high tier DJ’s.

The melody here is quite unique and the kicks are very appetizing, in fact his quality is justified by releasing tracks on such a large label as Roughstate, but not only – we recall that this young man has already released a track on the famous End of Line imprint as well! However, his roots are at Theracords and it seems he’s learned a few tricks with legends like Thera! Dan Zoomers aka Invector will assert himself at festival line-ups in the near future.

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