What if you put together some of Hardstyle’s top artists in the same house? It’s both fuel for some crazy parties and even crazier collaborations! It seems this was the goal of Q-dance and Psyko Punkz as they’re now announcing a 4 episode series called ‘Psyko Punkz Mansion’!

Not much is shown in the teaser video beyond Mr. Psyko speeding towards a very fancy looking house in the middle of nowhere, definitely resembling some scene in an action movie after the hero saves the world. But the event organizer and the artist did tell us who will be featured in this series and we have B-Front, Coone, Devin Wild, DV8, E-Force, Frequencerz, KELTEK, Rejecta and MC Villain.

It appears that the first episode will be with B-Front and DV8, so it should focus on a track that’s been premiered at Qlimax and that’s been having a huge impact. It’s a new collaboration between Psyko Punkz and those two artists, named Energy, that you can listen here around the 19 minute mark.

While we’re not sure exactly what to expect of this mini series, it appears it will be really interesting, and hopefully it will provide some insights on both what went down in the “mansion” (we wouldn’t mind a bit of a reality show-ish vibe with our favorite artists in it!), as well as insights on studio time!

What do you think of this series? We’d love to hear your thoughts on our socials!

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