Los Angeles based producer, Midoca has just released an EP so beautiful and emotional that it will have you experience chills all through your body.

Dry The Rose is the name of this work of art, launched under Deadmau5’s label Mau5trap, composed by 5 stunning tracks. Starting out with an aery and hypnotizing melodic intro, setting the tone for the beauty that’s ahead. All throughout the remainder of the EP, his thrilling, haunting vocals will immerse your soul, taking over your body and leading you straight to Midoca’s heart.

The slow tempo allows the listener to absorb every detail of the vocal melodies, allowing you to experience love, happiness, sadness, and all contradictory emotions that will mess with your heart, in a pleasantly phenomenal way.

This is his second EP release this year, with “Beautiful Story, Ugly Life” seeing daylight 9 months ago, an equally stunning project that depicts the struggles of addiction and the capacity to love.

Thank You is the final puzzle piece to the EP, a wonderfully written track that lets his fans know the love he holds for them and how much their support means.

“I think that I’m finally climbing out of that hole […] So, thank you.”

A true masterpiece is the only way to describe how beautiful and heartwarming Dry The Rose is, a work of outstanding artistry that few are able to accomplish.

If you’re ready to have the experience of a lifetime, grab your headphones, and lay down as you listen to the amazing “Dry The Rose” EP by Midoca!

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