Though many might think so, not everything is rainbows and butterflies in the music industry and on a recent Instagram post, the team of Willem Rebergen, better known as Headhunterz, told the world that the artist was taking some time off social media in order to rest and reconnect with himself.

Headhunterz is to many, the greatest name in what regards the harder styles, and such a message came as quite a shock. His latest release, “Home”, took the world by sweep, through its beautiful lyrics and absolutely mindblowing climax. Gathering over 1.2 million views on Youtube and nearly 2 million streams on Spotify, its safe to say that it’s a true masterpiece.

However, and thankfully so, there was an overwhelmingly positive response on said post, with fellow artists and other music blogs wishing him a good recovery and hoping that Willem feels better soon.

It’s no news that mental health is a persistent issue amongst artists and in an industry that is often unfair, tiring and overwhelming, several producers need to take a break and step back to be able to recover. In the name of everyone at Wide Future we wish Willem a good & speedy recovery, and we hope he’s back soon to tear the world apart as always! Go show your support for Headhunterz!

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