Hardstyle’s best known label made a move for rising talent Serzo, snatching him from the claws of X-BONE.

You’re forgiven if you’re not yet aware of the gem that is Serzo. Dirty Workz 4th Norwegian signee hails from Oslo and naturally loves them hard hitting beats. Serzo – real name Espen – started making waves back in 2018 with first single “Connect”, received with a positive degree of success. From there, he released “Rewind” and “Outbreak”, before being picked up by hardstyle trademark label X-Bone.

With them, he released “Movin”, his best track to date, featuring powerful melodies, vocal chops and euphoric drops. The 3-track “Escape” EP quickly followed suit, gathering a lot more attention for Serzo, and eventually earning him a well-deserved move to Dirty Workz.

Speaking to Dirty Workz, Serzo talks a bit about himself and also what we can expect of him, even teasing his upcoming first single on the label called “Flying High”, to be released on December 2nd. When asked about any tips for producers to sign to a label, Espen advises to not be “afraid of trying new things, and just keep creating all the time.”

It seems like Dirty Workz just signed a down-to-earth artist, with the potential to become a possible titan in the hardstyle scene. We’ll see if hard work, talent and having your head where it is supposed to be pays off for Serzo. Best of luck to him from all of us here at Wide Future.

You can check out his “Escape” EP in the link down below

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