Popular for his hard-hitting, dark techno sounds, the Mau5trap mastermind that goes by the name of i_o is seeking to end 2019 with what might just be EP of the year!

Composed by 4 tracks, ACID 444 is the first one of a 3 part album, 444. All of this sounds rather normal until you decide to take a closer look and realize just how much detail has gone into this masterpiece.

A throwback to his roots is what this one is and through these unmistakable Acid sounds, Garret Lockhart (i_o), manages to fuse the old with the new, bringing back the beauty of 303 and uniting it with his characteristic melodies.

This upcoming album will serve to tell the story of i_o and take you on a journey through his influences and early beginnings. On one of his latest posts on Instagram, he explained exactly how this all came to existence.

So, are you ready to go all the way back to the 303, and go mental to the sounds of i_o‘s brand-new, ACID 444?

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