There are some tracks that just stand out from the rest for how well produced they are and Jonas Aden and Conor Ross just released one of those tracks: Library Thugs.

In fact, the Future House industry has been evolving over the past few years and producers have gone crazier experimenting with sounds and the samples they have at their disposal. Jonas has been one of the most creative minds in the area and this new record shows it off. Combining his production experience and his creative brain with the also hard working producer Conor, both brought out a pretty decent piece of music and it will get crowds moving across the globe.

This one came out this Friday on Don Diablo‘s label, Hexagon Records and it’s been played around the world by the man himself. Featuring vocals from RebMoe, just like I Don’t Speak French from Jonas, the track was inspired by Reb’s previous single called Library Thugs (obviously).

After Riot and Tell Me A Lie from Jonas and Goodbye and Flowers from Conor, this new collaboration marks what they’ve been learning and gathering over the past few years: skill, experience and musical maturity.

You can now listen to ‘Library Thugs‘ everywhere and you should let us know what you think about this new record!

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