These guys are known for pure quality and this new track isn’t an exception. For this one, Degos & Re-Done teamed up with Carola, who’s known to have an astonishing voice. Thus, My Life was born, and we’re sure you’ll love it as much as we did!

The track kicks off with part of the vocals and an anti climatic mood, made by a deep kick and bass. We then have a break with the astonishing voice of Carola, along with a piano melody. The lyrics are surely relatable to most people. It is about valuing one’s life and making the best out of it. We then get a huge melody that fills the speakers, as we escalate towards the climax. After the drop, the melody continues, and the kick and bass contributes to the overall energy. The vocals chain both climaxes and on the second one we get an always welcome melody variation!

These guys never cease to amaze us with the quality they have in their productions. This has been like so for quite a while now and My Life is probably one of the best tracks of their career for perfectly combining the energy and roughness of their usual sound with the softness of the vocals. Amazing job!

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