If Ben Böhmer is a wildly unknown name for you, then you probably have to rethink what you’ve been listening to and start broadening your musical interests, as his brand new album will most likely blow you away.

In fact, we’ve talked about Ben before and his musical career, his love for music and the natural skill and talent he has for producing, but this brand new album he just brought out, ‘Breathing‘ is ironically breathtaking.

It features multiple tracks his fans have been waiting for ever since he started playing them live and it turned out to be one of his most complex works of all time. He even said some of the tracks present on the album are many years old, but he wanted them to be present on it as they always had a special place on his mind.

It contains the unknown, the familiar, and it is my outlet of the last years… I can say from the bottom of my heart: this is me.

Starting with the track he actually ended his ABGT#300 set with a year ago, followed by the track he started that set with, In Memoriam and Breathing are two beautifully composed records that will make your mind wonder how good music can actually get when you put your whole heart on doing it.

Another highlight you’ll notice right away is ‘Wall of Strings‘. This one’s quite unexpected and it shows a darker side from Ben, and how flexible he can get while producing.

We could be writing about all tracks, but it’d never truly represent the mind, heart and soul that was put on this one. It is finally out everywhere, so take a few minutes to listen to it:

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