Angerfist’s seventh album is officially out at audio streaming platforms and at for those who wish to buy it since today. As it happened for all the previous six albums, the number one Hardcore DJ and producer announced a pre-sale, but what surprised most of the fans, if not all of them, was the special features of “Diabolic Dice”. The album has only six tracks, which the artist defines as “A track for each side of the dice” and all of them will come in a USB flash drive inside a dice shaped box.

These are the six figures of the dice:

Diabolic Dice – The track that gives the name to the album and, as it happened to the previous solo events of Angerfist, in which he officially released his albums, it is the anthem.

This track sets the dark mood since the beginning and tells you what you may expect from this dangerous dice.

Soldier – The second side of the dice comes really heavy and it feels like an unexpected punch in your chest, proving that the name was definitely a good choice. This tune is probably the best treat inside this box for Angerfist’s army.

Freddy – Angerfist is known for sampling lines from horror movies, something that has made his tracks unique and turned most of them into the most successful ones. This one followed the same process and got inspired by the evil vibes that come along with Freddy Krueger character.

Attack of the Dice – This one is expected to get a special videoclip, but it is not out yet. This track follows the steps of the above and takes you into a shady and sadistic place.

Solid Stigma – The fifth side of the dice has a special feature, this one is accompanied with Apathy’s vocals, an american rapper. This one will also deliver you some frenchcore kicks.

Geto Tremble – For the sixth and last figure, speed was called and speed was given. Geto Tremble gives you “straight gangster” stuff and the perfect ending, the tempo gets higher and so does the intensity.

Better than reading about it is listening to it and take your own conclusions:

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