Harder styles master DJ Thera has a new track out, and as expected, it’s an amazing one!

The Lights kicks off right away with a spine tingling piano melody and vocals, which are then joined by violin sounds in the back. The track quickly opens up to a punchy kick before winding down again for a break that is similar to the intro, but adds light percussion elements. The climax then comes, unleashing all the energy of this magnificent kick, together with a crunchy bassline that’s strong, but not too overwhelming. The melody is simple, but catchy, and has a variation in the second climax that helps keep things interesting!

DJ Thera has been having an amazing year! After releasing epic tracks like Forever, collaborating with young guns Aversion in Clouds and with Criminal Mayhem in Justice and experimenting on higher tempos with stuff like Cranking Up The Tempo and Lost Control with Sjammienators, he continues the good momentum with this latest release. To top it all off, he had a major performance at Defqon.1 this year that was absolutely amazing. Oh, and let’s not forget the amazing new covers of Theracords releases!

Hopefully he has another track or two up his sleeve to release just before the year ends! Be sure to follow him on his socials to be up to date with that.

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