After a big hit on the album “My Way“, Thyron keeps on going up with his career and his quality too!

A few days ago, Thyron published a story on Instagram announcing the tracks that will be released in the future. One thing that caught our attention was in the last line where he said he had 2 Hardcore collaborations on the way and we can’t wait to know who are the artists he worked with and especially listen to the bangers.

This young man from Xtra Raw has been one of the culprits of the sub-genre’s growth in electronic music, as the quality he presents is very good, not to mention Thyron’s fantastic album that drove fans wild. Thyron has been part of Gearbox Digital for a few years and was responsible for Gearbox’s 10th birthday anthem along with Luminite and MC Focus, “Rise Of The Underground“. 2 years ago he also made the Suppression anthem “Harder Than The Rest” which, until today, is heard by many fans and rightly so, because the end result is divine.

Are we expecting another Thyron album? What do you expect from some collaborations this legend has announced? We want to know your opinion!

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