Our last Imminent Radioshow was made by the upcoming Hard Dance talent from Portugal, Gigaheartz! He’s a perfect guest for one of our radioshows given his broad knowledge on Hard Dance music, ranging from Hardstyle, up to Frenchcore.

His episode is an amazing crescendo from 150 BPM onwards, and he even found time to include productions from other upcoming Portuguese producers! So sit back, press play and enjoy the ride!

How was your start as an artist?

I started DJing back in 2014 and it took me a very long time to set me up. Progressive and Electro brought me into the EDM world, by the time I was a Martin Garrix fanboy. I started with my radioshow Fund Me Adventure, first at Rádio Hard Power (PT), then Groovebox Radio (UK), Curve Radio (UK) and ended up the last 5 episodes until the 100th one by my own on Mixify, but during all that time I knew I had to start producing in order to raise my popularity and, therefore, the number of bookings and so on… and I couldn’t even decide what style I’d wish to deeply embrace. By 2016 I was already playing almost every genre of EDM, from Tropical House to Deep/Future/Progressive/Bigroom House, also from Bigroom Trance to Progressive and Uplifting Trance, Hardstyle, Future bass, Trap and DnB. But one of those became the most precious and somewhat of an escape for my daylife troubles – Hardstyle, a place where I thought I could be entirely part of it as both artist and fan. During early 2017, I started digging some friends’ unfinished songs, trying get ideas to improve some of those tracks, so that a few of them would see the daylight as a release… and well that’s how it started with When I Found You, my very first collaboration, even most of the track was already in place! It was breakthrough moment for me as an artist and led to start creating/editing tracks by myself in a producing way.

Who’s your biggest inspiration?

It’s very hard to pick only one but widening the range I’d pick Avicii for the captivating melodies, Kygo for the relaxed chill feeling and Atmozfears that combines both somehow, resulting in different kind of Hardstyle sound. On a faster notice as for Hardcore, and especially Frenchcore, I’d definitely Sefa as well.

What obstacles have you faced along the way and how did you surpass them?

Being a DJ/Producer and combining it with the studies at the university is very though, to be honest, I do want to invest myself as an artist but the work to do makes me leave it on standby many times. Most of the times while I was trying to set me up it was very hard to get shows and visibility (it still is) and plus the load of work at university, I had to work out a lot myself in weekly mixes, a lot of mashups, so people could see why I was different and should get more chances to play elsewhere. Also, my family still don’t see music as a good career choice, nowadays their reaction is better than a few years ago. All those videos I record from shows are some of my most precious memories because that’s what makes them feel “Well, if it makes all people happy partying, maybe he has some gift into music, even if it is a tiny one, and considering he has always been an introverted we also never really saw that side from him. So perhaps it’s not such a bad thing at all for both him and the people he entertains…”.

This episode is now up on our Soundclud, head over below!

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