The American duo, Breathe Caroline, end the mystery and show fans their latest album with 10 amazing tracks. Were you curious?

Born from a more rock-n-roll type of music, the duo Breathe Caroline has expanded from their roots up to electronic music, joining part of the pop music that currently characterizes them, and electronic music itself. Highlight performances from this duo are not only on festivals such as Ultra Music Festival S20 Japan, Tomorrowland or EDC, but also on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and they’ve also made remixes for renowned DJs such as Steve Aoki, Marshmello or Sam Feldt, and they now release their album “DEADTHEALBUM“.

There are a few songs highlighted by the duo itself, such as the first theme, “TOO GOOD“, which is a song with almost 2 million streams and a catchy vibe with a mix of pop and house music and a fitting vocal, “LIKE THIS”, a track that blends bass beats, and for which David insists “I could spend the rest of my life like this”. We also have “DRIVE“, where the pop’ish influences shine through with a mysterious melodic part. Another one that was highlighted was “JULY” that features a guitar solo start with vocals that set the tone for the track. Other highlighted tracks were “IN THE DARK”, a meaningful track that talks about human relationships, and also “DEAD” – which is actually upbeat despite its name.

Listen below to the new album of Breathe Carolina “DEADTHEALBUM”:

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