When two versatile producers join together, you know the result will probably be surprising… Such is the case with the latest collaboration from Geck-O and Wavolizer titled The Perfect Speedrun, that’s out now on Foolish!

The track kicks off with vocals that may remind the most avid gamers of their speedrun attempts. During the first buildup, there’s a quite distinctive melody that reminds us of old school raves, which then leads us to an anti climatic part. However, as we progress through the song, we experience a few kick and bass variations, with all of them getting progressively more punchy and with a bass that’s more overwhelming as the seconds go by, making this track feel like a climb that’s more intense as you venture forward!

Yet another instant hit from two fellows that have a history that goes way back to their days at Theracords. As time went by, these two guys opened their horizons and started producing other things besides Hardstyle. It seems that for these two producers, their creativity has no limits and they can excel in different sounds and genres. This is one of the finest examples of what can be achieved when two masterminds go in the studio together!

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