The title here not only matches the name of the track itself, but also the quality of this new tune from Adrenalize! His new track is named AAA, and it is yet another banger from this wonder boy.

Don’t let the soothing start fool you. The track immediately opens up to an insane melody. The climax repeats the melody and adds an impacting kick underneath. The side chaining in the break is interesting and combines well with the somewhat orchestral violin elements and what seems to be chopped vocal elements. The second climax more or less repeats the recipe of the first, leading to an astonishing end with choir vocals.

The only issue with this track is that it just feels too short, especially in the edit made for streaming services! But nevertheless this is yet another astonishing track from this artist who’s clearly not sleeping on what he’s achieved thus far with the last few releases. Another interesting point here is that these releases, while being all in his usual style, are rather distinct from each other, which makes us curious to listen every time he has something new out.

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