Today, November 13, 2019, Christopher Rossi aka Rooler released his first album of his career. Congratulations, ragazzo!

Xtra Raw fans are surrendered to this album and we will explain why:

Get Louder (w / Dr. Phunk) – Yes, you got it well, Dr. Phunk! A very unexpected collaboration between Euphoric and Xtra Raw. More aggressive Reverse bass and a melody that catches people’s ears right away, the festival crowd is expected to sing this melody loudly!

Gang (w / Sickmode) – We’ve talked about Sickmode a few times, so if you would like to know more about it, click here.

This track is pretty funny because there is a part where you have to ask the girl next door to dance with you, but calm down, not for long, because right after that you have the magnificent Sickmode kicks tearing into the track.

VIP – Take it easy, this track is not just for VIP, it’s for everyone! We are all VIP! Another explosive Rooler track showing the quality he has.

Drknss – What an amazing vocals, there’s always room for the sentimental side of the producers and this is the first sentimental track on the album. The kicks are no longer so sentimental as Rooler always decides to pull his most aggressive side and get ready to punch in the air.

OneTwo – “One two… One two… FUCK YOU!“, Let’s say this track is the one you should dedicate to the person you like best in your life… Or do you like less? Well, we leave it to you. Superb kicks once again and Rooler is the boss.

The Infamous (Rooler Remix) – We’ve already talked about this remix in the Act of Rage album review, click here to get our opinion about this track.

The Rules – The first track out of the album and what a track, the second kick was something completely unexpected from this producer and we are really amazed by its quality. “I make the rules and YOU FUCKING FOLLOW THEM!“.

Droppin ‘Like – This build up, in my personal opinion, was one of the best build ups I’ve ever heard because it has a very good trap and it’s not something we always hear from Rooler and the kick once again surprising everyone and everything. Always innovative, huge Rooler!

Straight Outta Future (w/ MC Nolz) – The album’s anthem is here and of course it had to have the vocals of the best MC in the scene, Nolz. Who saw and who sees Rooler right now, as this former Gearbox gentleman has always been quite underrated in the scene and now with this album and production quality, will get more listens. It all started with “Domination” and ended in a fantastic album.

Attitude – This is very inspiring because attitude is what we should have in many of life’s situations and Rooler showed his attitude in this track! What a magnificent guitar in the melody, pay attention to the vocals because as I said, it is really inspiring.

Worthless (w/ Caine) – An interesting collaboration between Mr Greazy Boy and Rooler, good vocals, equal quality kicks and the end result is fantastic.

When is The Drop – Nothing much to point out about this Rooler track, as let’s say he let his ideas flow and put everything on one track.

Violence (Aggressive Act Remix) – Did you miss this trio? Here they are once again showing how aggressive they can be, what a monstrous track!

Martyr (Anderex Remix) – Those who are alive are always bound to appear, Anderex remixing a thunderous track and the result is magnificent, Anderex is one of the most underrated producers of Xtra Raw scene.

Drop This (w/ Rebelion) – Just by seeing the name, we had high expectations on the track that were met. The last part of the track, the climax, was very good as it is something we are not used to hearing.

Damnation (Unkind Remix) – This track takes my words out of my mouth because I wasn’t expecting Unkind to remix a Rooler track and congratulations on the fantastic result.

First Blood – Aggressive Act coming out of the comfort zone and releasing a very dope track! That first part of the track left us open-mouthed!

Monster (w/ GyZe) – Xtra Raw at his best, super powerful kicks and a melody to pull on his most aggressive side. How spectacular.

Extinguish (Riot Shift Remix) – This head-blowing Remix is ​​so aggressive that this kick got kicked, we advise you to turn the volume up and let your head travel in space.

Ndlss – Another Rooler sentimental and inspiring track, once again coming out of his comfort zone and showing his worth, that aggression is not just what he knows how to do best.

Remember The Name (w/ Sefa) – Finally! It seems like a lie, but yes! This track came out after months and months of waiting, this beauty came out!

Get Back (w/ N-Stained Glass) – There is always a little room to increase BPMs and here it is, a wonderful collaboration with N-Stained Glass that you will tell me what you think as there is always a space for you to say what you think of it!

Domination (Sefa Remix) – Another absolutely beautiful track from Sefa, a very aggressive and appetizing remix for the Hard Dance fans. Today was a great day with this epic album!

Rooler is ready to roll with his latest release!
Favorite Tracks
  • Get Louder
  • Ndlss
  • The Rules
Least favorite tracks
  • When Is The Drop
7Overall Score

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