Jay Dunham is back releasing on The Boat House, this time with an absolute dancefloor destroyer named Rhythm of The Bass!

After killer tracks like the collaborations with Hooders on the Shady Business EP and bangers like The Clock, this is yet another track that will certainly catch your attention. It kicks off with a heavy vocal sample loop that assists the build up. The climax has a wonderful, punchy kick, well rounded by an addicting bassline. The track quickly winds down to a “spatial-like” melody that will certainly work wonders live, accompanied by a piano melody and the second climax repeats the recipe of the first, unleashing that intense bass in your ears!

This amazing producer has been on the rise. After releasing on labels like Pinnacle Collective, DOPE SQVAD and even Confession, he never ceases to amaze us! Be sure to keep an eye out on his socials, you cannot skip such an artist!

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