Art of Creation has been teasing changes to their team, with new artists, and today it was time to finally reveal who they are… In short, this is a merger between Art of Creation and Spirit of Hardstyle, with artists from the latter label joining the first.

Artists joining Art of Creation are Noisecontrollers, Audiotricz and Bass Modulators.

This marks the end of one of the most promising labels in Hardstyle for a while now. However, this is not entirely surprising. After all, running a label isn’t easy work, and Noisecontrollers may be a good producer but has a history of short lived labels, with Digital Age, that he ran together with Wildstylez for just 2 years and about 30 releases, after which the label was abandoned. These two meet again here, but they’re accompanied by many more amazing artists that will surely continue propelling this label to success!

After this change we can definitely say that this label has most of the current superstars of the Hardstyle scene. What a luxury roster!

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