Latest release from Sub Sonik is an absolute masterpiece! As promised, the artist had quite a few things in store for us and he returned to releases after switching to Dirty Workz. This time he teamed up with Carola for a very sentimental track that revolves around a soothing vocal and meaningful lyrics.

The track kicks off with the usual roughness you’d expect from a Sub Sonik production – the kick is heavy and punchy, with some light screeches on the side. We’re then led to a break where the vocals and the peaceful piano melody in the background take us through a trip. The lyrics talk about facing our troubles head on, and will immediately appeal to pretty much any type of audience. Afterwards, the track opens up with a strong melody and the build up prepares the listener for an astonishing climax filled with energy.

Sub Sonik has been on a roll lately and seems to be taking a different approach to his usual roughness to keep things varied. A recent example of this is Runaway, his recent collaboration with Galactixx. He’s also on a roll in what concerns great tracks, as he recently released Fight For Survival.

In what concerns me personally, this is probably my favorite track ever from this artist! Hopefully he keeps up with this quality and style under the Dirty Workz umbrella.

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