It is a well-known fact that Hardcore is getting bigger as time goes by, but what is even more fascinating, is that what seems to be more appealing to new artists is its sub genre, Uptempo, which doesn’t give much time to their fans to take a breath.

Trespassed, a young man that has already been noticed by his tracks that are as high in quality as in speed, a DJ/producer that has recently announced his official bond with Triple Six Records and that his fans can expect in the near future an EP filled with seven bullets, dropped a fresh collab with another young, yet experienced and well qualified artist, Spitnoise, a name that was recently called to create Snakepit 2019’s anthem.

Hands up” is the result of the combination of this two forces, released under the RSLVD Records label and, as one should expect, it won’t get any slower than a solid 210 BPM’s nor give you clean kicks or peaceful voices to enchant your eardrums. The content of this banger is heavy and dangerous, although, if you’re a true “Hardcore head”, you must taste it.

The track is now available at the most known online audio streaming platforms as well at to purchase it.

Don’t be afraid of hitting the play button:

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