In an unlikely turn of events, it seems Brennan Heart is joining forces in the studio with Steve Aoki!

One of the legends of the harder styles is having some studio time with another very experienced producer and it seems they’ll be going for a Hardstyle collaboration judging from the story.

Brennan Heart is no stranger to more mainstream dance music, and he’s recently released his own version of Steve Aoki’s Let It Be Me with the Backstreet Boys (which in itself was already an unusual collaboration). Now it is time for Aoki to step up a notch in terms of BPM’s.

Aoki isn’t a complete stranger to the harder styles. He’s previously collaborated with Coone, has had releases from the man himself on the Dim Mak label, and he’s already collaborated with Dr. Phunk in Hava, a track that recently made some waves.

As for Brennan Heart, he’s known for having a few contacts with producers from other genres, however he’s not known to release in them. However, he does often do Hardstyle remixes of tracks with slower tempos, a few examples beyond the one indicated above are his Blah Blah Blah remix together with Toneshifterz and his remix of R3HAB’s All Around The World (La La La).

Either way, we’re very much looking forward to see the result of this!

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