As you may have seen through our social media, we were at We Love Hardstyle in Lisbon last weekend, and what a day it was! The Hardstyle community in Portugal is growing big, and the dedication of this crowd is immense as you could’ve seen if you were at the event! Hard Dance Portugal is also putting an huge effort for these parties – it cannot be easy and/or cheap to book an absolute legend of the harder styles as the headliner!

Kicking things off was the DJ contest winner, Gigaheartz. He did well in his set, but it was received with mixed reactions, some thought it was a but too hard at times given it was an opener set. On the upside, he played a lot of productions from fellow Portuguese producers. There was also time to fit in Live The Moment from JDX, an absolute classic.

Paulistos b2b High Level was a really great – the artists managed to maintain an amazing energy throughout it, and the crowd responded rather well!

In-Rush was up next and he did a very solid set. The artist was definitely not at his highest in what concerns the technical parts of his performance, at least comparing to previous shows, but the set list was absolutely impeccable. He got the crowd completely hooked to his own productions and edits.

Max Enforcer & E-Life were obviously the highlights of the night. Max Enforcer did a set worthy of the absolute legend in the scene he is, filled with smash hits like Lost In Paradise and Let It Move You, and teasing older fans with some classics along the way.

Kaiser-T made a set with no surprises: fans were eager to see him and he played tracks that perfectly fit his rougher style and that were very familiar to the crowd. “No surprises” doesn’t mean “uneventful”, on the contrary – it was a really great set, as this artist got us used to. Only bad part is that it was a bit short – but we can easily see this was done so that Max Enforcer had a bigger set.

Kaiser-T cranked up the tempo when finishing to introduce the following set. High Level ended the night with a special performance, funnily named “Harder & Frencher set” in the lineup. This was exactly the case. It was all about high BPM’s and a lot of Frenchcore, that had the crowd sing along all those gorgeous melodies from Sefa’s tracks.

Unfortunately the set had to be cut in half. The room was so packed that if this wasn’t the case, people would leave the venue really late (or early, depending on how you put it!)

This was another one for the books and the feedback from partygoers online was off the charts. Some wish there was a bit more time for the most extreme edge of Hardstyle, but there still was a bit of everything to please everyone, from “euphoric” to “raw”.

In what concerns me personally, I’ve had yet another great experience on a party by Hard Dance Portugal. The venue was considerably more packed than the last party in LAV, so it was way hotter – this got to me and many other party goers mid way through the night, but it didn’t stop anyone from enjoying themselves!

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