After Jester‘s techno masterclass on the last edition, this week we have upcoming talent JUNIORK!

The Viseu native with 15 years of career on his back has played on packed clubs over all of Portugal, including KISS CLUB and NB CLUB, and opened and shared stages with names like Pete Tha Zouk, Gregor Salto and the king himself, Hardwell.

We asked him the usual questions, and these were his answers…

How was your start as an artist?

“The beginning of my career was like that of many of my peers, 15 years ago when a passion for Dance Music awoke inside me, and how I could transmit that passion to others.”

Who’s your biggest inspiration?

“The great inspiration at the beginning of everything was the amazing Pete Tha Zouk, although my main inspiration today is future house wizard Don Diablo.”

What obstacles have you faced along the way and how did you surpass them?

“I faced a couple of obstacles and they still appear once in a while as I evolve in this everchanging industry. I have always faced them with a desire to achieve more and more, while striving for recognition and being the best I can in this area!”

After these words of wisdom, all that’s left is to introduce this week’s awesome mix. Featuring some interesting choices and mashups, accompany us as JUNIORK takes us on a 1 hour trip!

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