After the release of “Blackout“, the Dutch duo Blasterjaxx release another big theme and bring Junior Funke to do the vocal part.

Probably one of the best years of Blasterjaxx, with their career stabilization and a very recent album with great productions and full collaborations and a place in the top 40 of DJ Mag, 36 more specifically. Time to release the latest “Monster” theme with Junior Funke.

A much calmer theme than we have been used to but yet a good energy melody, a voice that fits the music perfectly, and the rest was all the “homework” done by one of the most prestigious duos in the world of electronic music. With all this has been showing that there is still much more to come and with the quality we have been used to.

With the biggest hype emerging around 2013/2014, it was around that time that Blasterjaxx made themselves known to the world with their bigroom and the strong kicks they were featuring, with very diverse and energetic DJ’s sets.

With frequent attendance at the biggest festivals in the world, they promise to shake every corner of the planet without a doubt.

Listen below to the new music of Blasterjaxx:

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