This month started off with the release of the great Minus Militia album and what a fabulous album!

The Code of Conduct: Let’s start with the anthem of this album, very powerful kicks and a very recognizable melody that defines Minus Militia and makes them so unique. “LOCK AND LOAD!”

Leave a Mark: As the title says, leave a mark, very inspiring lyrics because if you listen carefully it is a warning to leave a mark in our life that we will be reminded of by good deeds. Very nice climax actually! Something a bit unusual for Minus Militia and that the result was indeed perfect, a melodic track to hear in repeat.

Distorted Intensity: One of the first tracks Radical Redemption played on many sets such as on RFM Somnii, Tomorrowland and many more. One of the tracks that let fans shiver because those sirens before the drop are something that makes us shiver. They warned that they would not forgive and here is another masterpiece of the Minus Militia.

Oldschool Hooligangs: As the name says “Oldschool”, this is a track that will remind you of Hardstyle’s old days in terms of kicks and melody, for older people, this track will make you want to dance and kickrolling like back in the days.

Pessimal Evil: The first track on the album to be released and it’s been a long time since Minus Militia released this very melodic and dark track. Fabulous kicks once again and Crypsis, Chain Reaction and Radical Redemption not failing once again.

The Militia Is Back: As the track itself says “The Militia Is Back” and is back in the best possible way. The second kick left people unresponsive because the vibe is very good. It’s probably the best track on this album! “THE MILITIA IS BACK!” In general the track is fascinating because the melody is quite nice and the anti-climax part is something surreal.

Reign Supreme (Kick-Edit): Reign Supreme is the flagship brand of Minus Militia, as it was a track that marked them for the rest of their lives and that is the track that raises all the voices of militants to loudly scream, “MINUS MILITIA!”, but this time with a much more aggressive kick.

Omnia of Kicks: Prepare the bass faces you will need for this track, this track is basically a compilation of the new kicks that Radical has been using in the “Brutal 6.0” edit and “The Militia is Back“.

Riot Music: Something very interesting done by the trio as it contains quite varied kicks. Always quite recognizable melody of these gentlemen. In the second drop, can you recognize which kicks this track is from? 20,000 volts!

Soul Ripper: Ready to raise BPM a bit? Oh my goodness what a thunderous track, very interesting kicks and Nolz’s vocals showing that it is worth the quality they say he has, because here I noticed something quite different and this MC is indeed the best of the Hard Scene right now!

Woofer (Remix): Without further ado, as we started the track, we started giving Hardcore to immediately get into the vibe. The 3 warned that they would remix their tracks, this was the first remix and what a fantastic result!

Feed the Flame (Remix): Another breathtaking track, I ask you to listen to these kicks carefully as the first one we heard we were not expecting the end result to be so good.

Kingpin (Remix): The Militia is back and is in a destructive way because with each track they produce, the better the quality. Finally, the remix of one of Radical Redemption’s biggest hits, Kingpin!

We end up this review, overall, it was an album full of variety of kicks and melodies. In fact the Minus Militia warned that they would not play and would return as best they could, the hype was real and this article proves it that we were very impatient and enthusiastic, click here to read how it was before the hype. So far the album has been receiving a lot of praise and that’s well deserved. If you are interested in seeing them, they will attack Belgium in 2020 in Reverze, to find out more about the event click here.
Both in terms of kicks and melodies there was a great variety, there was room for everything! I personally got goose bumps to hear certain tracks because only the true ones know how good it is to have Crypsis, Chain Reaction and Radical Redemption behind the decks and in the studio! Congratulations on the album, Minus Militia! On the march, militants!

[REVIEW] Minus Militia: The Code of Conduct
Favorite Tracks
  • Leave A Mark
  • Distorted Intensity
  • The Militia Is Back
Least Favorite Tracks
  • Riot Music
8.8Overall Score

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