Heavyweight records DJ and producer GRAVEDGR presents another big theme that will be part of their his album. Are you curious?

We’re back to talk about GRAVEDGR, the sinister Dj who has been causing panic with his mysterious songs, with strong melodies and scary lyrics. This time the new “6 feet under” theme comes at a special Halloween time, making the theme and the music look great.

This is a different theme from the ones GRAVEDGR made earlier, we have two distinct drops that cross over and we also have a vocal that accompanies the song from beginning to end with a heavy lyric that takes us to another world. A first drop where a rampage-like melody comes up, however very good. In a second drop we also have the verse featuring the song “6 feet under when you mothafuckers bury me” and suddenly GRAVEDGR presents us with a raw-style that no one is waiting for. Something very well achieved and that will give you something to talk about. There is similarity of the music, there is also the video that was recorded in a cemetery and with an old type of filming and with several zombie characters characterizing the death.

Another news that also came with the release of this new song is the fact that GRAVEDGR is preparing his debut album and that this will be one of the themes that will be part of it. Undoubtedly great news for those who follow GRAVEDGR.

Listen bellow the new single of GRAVEDGR:

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