The legend Adaro took Rude Convict from the Rough Recruits roster and created a magical masterpiece with him!

This track is very centered on the uplifting lyrics from LXCPR. After his verses in the intro we’re led through the build up by a really intense melody. The drop is extremely heavy, as expected from these guys, but still rather melodic. The second climax builds upon this momentum and has an even more aggressive kick and bass combination that definitely leaves a mark on anyone who listens. This is one of those tracks that definitely benefits of a huge sound system like the ones we see on festivals, so it is one of those bombs that keeps the dancefloor awake!

The interesting part here is that although there’s a huge gap in experience between both artists, we cannot say that this track is predominantly from Adaro, there seems to have been space for both artists to shine, which is always good when these kinds of collaborations happen.

This track was very well received by fans online, so we’re sure you’ll like it as well!

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