Today, around 6 pm, Bass Events had a livestream on YouTube and Facebook revealing the line-up, and what a line-up!

Sound Rush – the wonderful duo of euphoric Hardstyle is once again present at the Belgian event! Last year they had a magnificent show and for the year they intend to repeat it.

Adrenalize – The little wonder kid is also present for the second time in Reverze and aims to show how evolving he is and justifies his name in this line-up.

Sephyx – The growth of this young man has a lot to say because it is no wonder that he is also present again in this event. Last year he performed alongside Devin Wild and this year it seems he will act alone. He was also one of the artists featured in our Future Connection earlier this year!

Refuzion – Last year he opened Reverze on the main stage in the best way, will he open it again?

Coone – He is one of the guys pushing Hardstyle over the edge and gaining more fans with each passing day, for the second time, he will play at home and show what he is worth.

Jay Reeve – One of the biggest promises of euphoric Hardstyle! It’s a debut and a surprise that he has been confirmed as no one was expecting it, definitely this kid will make a fabulous set full of quality.

Reverse Flashback – The usual of all the years, when we go back in time and remember the memories that were made in this magnificent event that is Reverze.

Dark-E – There’s room for all Hardstyle sub-genres and Dark-E to complete what’s missing!

KELTEK – Last year’s anthem maker who performed a magnificent show with songs full of indomitable quality, KELTEK returns to the event that left a big mark.

Brennan Heart 10 Years Reverze Special – Brennan Heart, oh Brennan Heart, thank you is not enough for what you did for the Hardstyle genre. With a lot of dedication and sacrifice he will be at one of the biggest Hardstyle events in Belgium once again and we already recommend to our fans who will be attending the event to get a front seat to support you to the fullest! Our first installment of our Spotlight series was about him, and his career, so if you want to know more about him before attending Reverze, check this out.

Mandy – The ‘chick from the block‘ is back, and she’s going to wreck the place with her beats!

Pat B – A well known name in the Jumpstyle scene, so it makes total sense for him to perform at an event where everyone loves this genre. He will be part of the artists doing the Reverze Flashback!

Mark with a K & MC Chucky – If you are a fan of Tekstyle you can’t miss this guy’s show, no wonder he is present for the 2nd consecutive time, have fun because their sets are usually very good!

Psyko Punkz – A new name and what a name! One of Hardstyle’s greatest legends is confirmed in Reverze to show that he is alive and well alive with many new songs for us.

Devin Wild LIVE – Something tells me he’s going to be this year’s anthem maker but! Let’s wait. I say this because this kid has extreme quality and I think in our opinion he should have an opportunity to do an anthem! Second time at the event and last year together with Sephyx demolished the main stage.

D-Block & S-te-Fan – Last year they told a horror story and fans were fascinated by the set it was and consequently asked them to come back next year and here they are!

Da Tweekaz – Look who’s back! Da Tweekaz! Ducklings return to Reverze because many have missed them and so have we. Remember that they have attended the event several times and have even made an anthem for the it.

Demi Kanon – Another wonderful kid to have the place he deserves after his magnificent productions. Hopefully it will make a brilliant show.

Primeshock – Only the strong will remember Aeros and Blackburn, who saw them, and who sees them now! This confirmation we were absolutely not expecting and we were very pleased that these two have been doing a great job.

Hard Driver – Last year he performed at the Lotto Arena, a live set with the mask and made fans of the show radiant, but now it’s time to take off the mask and face for the second time in a row at this event!

Sub Zero Project LIVE – Really deserved for these guys to be there once again! They have made and are having a great year in terms of producing and following their career to the top. Undoubtedly, this duo deserves more recognition in the world but little by little goes a long way!

Rejecta – Nothing less than the lord who appeared out of nowhere and conquered everything, Rejecta! For the second time in Reverze and we hope he will act on the main stage this time!

B-Front LIVE – This year’s Qlimax anthem maker is also taking a chance on Reverze and showing what he’s worth.

Act of Rage – Last year he made a magnificent live set and this year he should play longer.

D-Sturb – Last year played a brilliant show. “Level 3 – The Breakthrough”, a live set that drove people crazy with the quality of their set.

JNXD – One of the scene’s most underrated producers! Fuck Shit Up is one of the tracks we recommend listening to if you’re interested in seeing him.

Sub Sonik Kings Never Die – A very interesting confirmation as “Kings Never Die” made fans very curious about the set that will be this great DJ. Kings Never Die is a bootleg he has from Eminem that once you hear it, you won’t want to drop it.

GPF X Jizzy: Cumikaze Live – Well, not much can be said, the set itself will be quite interesting. Maybe too much … “FUCK!”

Warface – The great Warface acted last year with Mark with a K and this time he should act alone.

Minus Militia: The Code of Conduct – Did you remember telling me that the Minus Militia was going to call their militants? Reverze will be their destiny! Honestly it was a pretty good confirmation as I personally went crazy because the Minus Militia had been missing for a long time.

Rebelion Overdose LIVE – This Overdose saga began at Supremacy and due to public reaction, Bass Events decided to bring them in to make their way.

D-Fence – The first Hardcore name to be confirmed in Reverze, this year has gone up a lot in Hardcore!

AniMe – Hardcore’s second name, this year Reverze has decided to balance the lineup and is calling these magnificent names to boost BPMs.

Angerfist – Gentlemen, it’s hard to believe, but the great legend will also be present at this event! But calm down, that’s not all…

Mad Dog – Another fabulous name for the event is of indomitable quality in the Hardcore scene and we can’t wait for his show.

Dr. Peacock – Mr. Doctor, could you make me another fantastic set like you did last year with Sefa please?

Sefa – One of the biggest if not the biggest revelations in the scene is back in the event.

MC DL, MC Dash, Villain – will be the hosts of the night in Reverze!

Compared to last year, Hardcore has increased a lot with very good names, we will have magnificent shows like Minus Militia, Brennan Heart, Devin Wild and others. When it comes to creating good quality line-ups Bass Events will not fail for anything and one more to show fans that it’s worth the ticket!

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