In the past 22nd October, the French Senate approved a bill that aims to “fortify rave party supervision”, as well as “punish with sanctions the organizers”. The law is not yet in the French legislation. The bill will have now to be approved in the national assembly. For now, it is unknown the date in which these proposals will be discussed.

This bill proposes three main measures. It would require any festive musical gathering of under 500 people to be declared in town hall at least a month in advance while also redefining permissible noise volumes in private and public spaces. Besides that, the law makes penalties for rave-related infractions much more severe, not only sentencing offenders to up to 400 hours of community service and a fine of €3750, but giving the police power to seize equipment used by organizers for any insurgent event. The authorities would also establish a document signed between them and the organizers in order to define criteria for the realization of this kind of events. The official document of Senate refers that these measures have the aim of “ensure public safety, health, hygiene and tranquillity to avoid discomfort in residential areas”.

It’s been a while since “raving” has been widely regarded by governments as counterculture. This bill starkly resembles a piece of explicitly anti-rave UK legislature adopted in the ’90s, which stifled decibel, duration, and general parameters of “rave” gatherings of more than 20 persons.

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