During this week, first Lux Frágil, through its monthly poster, and then Industria Club, through a Facebook event, have announced the return of the American DVS1 to Portugal nightclubs. Zak Khutoretsky will act first at Lux Frágil on 9th November, Saturday, playing at the club located at the mouth of Rio Douro on 23th, also on Saturday.

Resident of Berlin’s infamous Berghain and immersed in the peak of ‘90s Midwest rave scene, Zak has a vision of techno mostly based on the physical power of sound. Natural from Minneapolis, he started playing at illegal warehouse parties in his hometown. After that, he was owner of a nightclub and his first original releases were launched on the famous Ben Klock’s label Klockworks. Later, he founded the While HUSH showcase and Mistress Recordings, a label that reflects his secret weapons in the art of mixing and producing. DVS1 is an enthusiast of the old underground true values, and that references have been decisive in his music style: rough but surprising, joyful but danceable, and an unmistakable beatmatching record.

DVS1 started his performances in Portugal in 2013. Since then, he played more than ten times in Portugal: at Gare, Lux Frágil, Festival Forte, LX Factory, Club 118, Waking Life and Neopop, which played on the last 7th August.

As usual, Lux Frágil doesn’t have tickets for its events. In contrary, the xceed platform already put on sale the tickets for the event in Industria, in where DVS1 will have the company of Diana Oliveira.

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