When you think about the Anjunabeats’ Family, there are a few names that immediately pop up in your head. Two of them surely are Ilan Bluestone and Spencer Brown and if you were wondering when they would work together, they’ve just done it and brought out a 3 track EP, the Gatekeeper EP.

In fact, fans have been waiting for these tracks for a long time, ever since both of them started playing them live a couple of years ago and Pooperling, Gatekeeper and Steelyard just got released on an EP under the label of the Group Therapy hosts, Above & Beyond.

These guys have been touring a lot, either for Anjuna’s parties, such as ABGT #350 in Prague last week and other events and while they were spending so much time together, they figured they should have some work done and put their minds and hands into their musical world and these were the tracks that took enough shape to come out as the EP we know today.

This 3 track compilation mixes the melodical journeys both of the producers have been travelling and the combination between Ilan’s troncier sounds and Spencer’s deeper grooves, this came out as an unique form of music and art. From melodic plucks, to techno-ish basslines, it takes into a micro trip into their minds.

These guys are only getting started as both of them are working hard on their solo mix albums, which are coming sooner that we can expect. Meanwhile, enjoy Spencer Brown’s set at last week’s ABGT350:

You can now listen to the full EP here:

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