An odyssey through the realm of consciousness, that’s the slogan that describes Afterlife, the label by the hand of the Italian duo Tale Of Us.

Over the past three years this label has become very well known in the techno community all over the world, especially in Europe, with incredible and unique parties and famous records such as Nova by Tale of Us, Gravity by the duo Mind Against and many more.

After the release of AL27 (Realm of Consciousness Pt 4), and a year after the release of AL20 – Adriatique’s album, ‘Nude’, Afterlife presents remixes to breathe new life into the originals ones.

This remix pack contains seven remixes from artists that have already released some songs in the label, such as the duo Mathame, duo Agents of Time and obviously Tale of Us, but also includes new people in the label like the prestigious after-party man Solomun, the Berghain resident Kobosil, the German producer Rampa, Johannes Brecht, who has released many songs on Solomun’s label Diynamic. And last but not the least it’s Rajko Müller, better known as Isoleé, which has released some tracks on Diynamic as well.

The label directors said that “The album explore a more downtempo, contemplative sound than they (Adriatique) were known for. Its profound musicality makes rich source material for a set of dancefloor interpretations”.

We hope that you like this album as much as we do, because it’s really an odyssey through the realm of consciousness. AL30 – Nude remixes is out now on Afterlife Records and can be bought on Beatport. It’s available on 12″ vinyl and digital!

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