On this very dear 15th episode of the Imminent Radioshow, we are delighted to bring you an artist that has been tearing the Techno scene apart, the man himself, Jester!

How was your start as an artist?

My start as an artist has less than a year. Being the owner of Living Room micro club and watching people play there made me very interested in becoming part of that world.
I started opening nights at my micro club. As I was evolving and getting to know the work of national and international artists I was invited to play at Europa club. Right after that I participated in a Disturb contest in which I was invited to open for one of its events. Then sharing my music became more serious and now I can devote more time to that.

Who’s your biggest inspiration?

I have many inspirations in the electronic world, especially in my personal genre “TECHNO”. I could refer a bunch of national or international names but I have a special admiration for the Portuguese DJ and producer VIL. In all of his tracks you can identify his own personal style which is very unique and distinct. He always delivers a groovy sound which will for sure put the dance floor moving.

What obstacles have you faced along the way and how did you surpass them?

The biggest obstacle I’ve found during this experience is some people’s personality. Some people can’t be happy with your happiness or don’t want to see you do better in life than them, so they try to make your life harder and create obstacles for your success. I’ve learned to be careful with people and to choose the ones that actually want to see me do well. It’s always important to remember that my focus is on sharing good music and to always be grateful and respect the others. The only thing we leave in this world is the bounds we create and the way we touch people… so my goal as an artist is to make people happy and make them feel touched by my work.

So without further adue make sure to check out this mastermind of Techno, on an extended episode of the Imminent Radioshow!

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