Katharsys Daybreaker EP is finally widely available worldwide, after a pre-release on Yellow-Stripe’s Bandcamp! This 3 track piece explores the darker edge of Drum & Bass unlike anything you’ve ever heard.

The EP starts with a collaboration with Freaqax. This is probably the track that’s overall the ‘darkest’ sounding one. The bass hits you right in the stomach once the track drops and that’s when you know you’re in for a heavy ride.

The second track is the title track. Daybreaker brings us an intense build up that culminates in an unrelenting broken beat, while pulling us more to the Hardcore side of the genre. This track feels like a really intense journey – as we progress through it, many elements are built upon the beat, making the track quite interesting.

The final track is Stratos, a track that pulls a bit more to the Drum & Bass side of things. A very pleasing amalgam of sounds that makes anyone get up and rave!

This release marks a long awaited return of Yellow-Stripe, who not only just had this release, but will also host a Yellow-Stripe X PRSPCT event later this year. We feel that the Crossbreed sound that was widely acclaimed a few years back went rather quiet in these last few years, with artists distancing themselves from these sounds and either going back to Drum & Bass or Hardcore, effectively throwing away what made many of them unique… Is this a comeback of a genre that sits on the edge of both Drum & Bass’s broken beat and Hardcore’s unrelenting beats? Only time will tell!

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