Erik Smeets, one of the legends of the Hardstyle scene that produced and performed under several aliases, such as Artic, Haze (both alone and in duo with Abyss) and The Warriorz (together with Desnar) has released a documentary going back to the origins of the genre, with an overview of how it evolved.

The documentary narrates the history of the scene both in a general way as well as in a personal perspective from the artist, who adds a few interesting tidbits throughout the video. In it, we can see how Artic fell in love with dance music and eventually made his way to Hardcore in the late 90’s, the genre’s demise and how he ended up early on in Hardstyle.

A few artists were invited to speak, such as Isaac, Luna and Pavo, regarding the very start with the Qlubtempo parties, the sudden rise of the genre in Holland, all the borders it started crossing back then and how the sound evolved from Hard Trance. The importance of other things such as the artists’ online presence in the early to mid 00’s, along with the ever increasing rift between “euphoric” and “raw” subgenres as we ventured through late 00’s and early 2010’s was also explored, with interesting parts where Adaro and Desnar spoke, along with other topics such as the rise of “Early” Hardstyle themed productions and parties.

It is as many say: to progress, we must not forget where we’ve come from. And that seems exactly the aim of this documentary. This one is a much watch if you live and breathe Hardstyle or if you simply want to know more about the genre. It is also an easy watch, given it is only 20 minutes long! In what concerns me personally, and being a huge fan of the early sounds, I’ve enjoyed watching it a lot, so hopefully you will too!

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