We had the incredible opportunity to interview the exciting and outstanding duo, DJ’s From Mars! Known for their phenomenal mashups, they strive everyday to bring something new to the table, and boy did they succeed at that!

Wide Future [WF] Hi guys! Thank you for this opportunity to interview you, it’s an absolute pleasure!

[DJ’S FROM MARS] Our pleasure! Thanks for having us on board!

[WF] So, let’s start from the very beginning: Djs From Mars. Why Mars specifically?

[DJFM] There is no particular reason for that, but we really wanted to clarify that our project was something different, unusual, unconventional. What’s the most unconventional thing you can imagine: an ALIEN! So that’s why we liked this idea ?

[WF] You started out in 2003, when the dance music world was in its infancy. What was your dream/goal when you first started?

[DJFM] Actually, in Italy and Europe in general, Dance Music had already a long history, it started being super popular at the end of the ‘80s when Acid House was everywhere, then in Northern Europe, Trance and Techno were already mainstream in the 90’s so we came after a long list of successful deejays around us. But since we felt a lot of electronic music styles were already been explored and defined, we wanted to mix the EDM world with the “pop music” influences. And when we say “Pop” we mean Hip Hop, Reggae, Rock, Heavy Metal, and more…. Basically we tried to do with EDM the same thing that the Hip Hop pioneers were doing with rap: starting from their own style, they tried to mix it with everything they liked with no limits. So we started remixing Metallica, Bob Marley, Green Day, Dr.Dre, even Beethoven, The Beatles, with our own electronic style. So our vision was bringing all of these different styles into EDM and that’s what we’re still trying to do today!

[WF] Was there a key moment where you thought to yourselves “We’ve made it, we’re successful now”?

[DJFM] Probably when we entered the DJ MAG Top 100 in 2013, we received calls from all of our friends and families screaming “Guys you made it!!” That was the first time we saw something “written” stating that we were in the music business in a serious way

[WF] How do you compare the dance music world back when you started vs what it is now? Has it evolved for the best or for the worst?

[DJFM] The biggest difference is that now a big part of this job is taking care of social media, people want to see what you do in the studio and on tour, 10 years ago they were mainly interested in listening to your music, now they want to know more about your everyday life.  We’d prefer to spend more hours in the studio rather than taking pictures of us at dinner, but this is something you have to do today, so why not? We need to stay up to date and follow the evolution, otherwise we’d be still playing with vinyl and releasing 1 track per year ?

[WF] How did you come up with the idea on giving away so much free music?

[DJFM] Because the more people listen to your music, the more will come at your shows. We love music and we prefer to share it for free with 1 million people than having 100 fans paying for it.


[WF] We’d like to take a short break from seriousness to answer the questions everyone has:

If you could have any superhero power, what would it be? Being invisible

Superman vs Goku: who wins? Superman!

Mac or PC? PC since day one

What’s one plugin you could not live without? Kontakt Serum Massive Spire and all the Waves and FabFilter plugins

Favorite TV Show? Breaking Bad, Brooklyn 99, Narcos

Favorite artist? Daft Punk, Bob Marley, Public Enemy, Eminem, and damn this list would be soooo long…..

Dream collaboration? Amy Winehouse and Chester Bennington (unfortunately they will never happen)

Best show you’ve ever had? F** ME I’m Famous in Ibiza this summer was MENTAL

Most famous person you’ve ever met? David Guetta, this summer he invited us to his house in Ibiza, it was unbelievable for us meeting such an inspiration for the whole EDM scene!

Can you mashup my life into something that would make my parents proud? Depends on what your life is haha!


[WF] Your mashups are played in the world’s biggest stages by your fellow DJs. How does it feel to see your music reach such an amazing level of support?

[DJFM] It’s great and always unreal, when you do music in your studio you just think about what’s the best drop, and bass line, and snares and kicks, so when you see David Guetta or Tiesto or Steve Aoki playing your tracks, it feels like you’re on the right track!

[WF] In a world where the music industry is getting more and more saturated, what motivates you to give away so much music?

[DJFM] We love music so much, we listen to every new release, trying to understand new styles, and we don’t think the market is saturated, it’s just more music being released so the choice is wider now, it’s like living in a city with 3 average restaurants 10 years ago and seeing 5 Italian restaurants, 4 japanese, 6 mexican, 3 indian, 9 chinese, today! More music more choice, it’s never too much!

[WF] Correct me if I’m wrong but you guys are from Turin. So, the obvious question is: what are your thoughts on Portugal’s biggest export, Cristiano Ronaldo, playing for Juventus?

[DJFM] Can’t answer, we are supporters of Torino! No seriously, Ronaldo is a big opportunity for our city, everytime he posts a photo from his house there’s like millions of people getting to know our hometown, and this leads to more tourists, more interest, more investors. So it’s a big deal even if we’re not his first supporters ?

[WF] Football aside, let’s bring it back to music. You’ve recently produced an Official remix for David Guetta’s “Stay”? Can you tell us a bit about the excitement you must have felt and what the thought process was in the studio?

[DJFM] This was another big milestone in our career! We were working on some mashups for David’s set and we tried to make a remix for his song “Stay”: when we sent it to him and he said “This is dope!” we were like “Are you kidding!!?” But couple of weeks later the remix was released officially, and we’re still hyper excited! These are the things that give you motivation to do more and better every day!

[WF] Having released so many mashups, bootlegs and edits, one would think you’d be running out of ideas. How do you guys stay so creative?

[DJFM] Listening to new music, doing what we like, having fun in the studio, never thinking about the possible results. This is the secret for us

[WF] Out of all the mashups, was there one (or more) that were especially challenging?

[DJFM] Probably, the AC DC vs Oasis Vs Skrillex. The verse of Oasis “Wonderwall” was fitting perfectly on the AC DC guitar riff but then….the chorus had a big harmonic change! So we had to re-play the whole AC DC song with totally different harmonies. We even played some live guitars for that bootleg. Thank you for asking because when you listen to these mashups everything runs smooth and sounds easy, but there’s a lot of work behind every track!

[WF] How do you manage to conjugate genres with such a huge BPM difference into something great?

[DJFM] With the Cubase Tempo track change LOL ?

[WF] Let’s finish it off with the question everyone always wonders. What are your plans for the rest of the year? What can we expect from Djs From Mars in 2019 and also in the long run?

[DJFM] We don’t expect anything we just do our best every day and see what happens! And we have fun while doing it – no expectations, no disappointments – but always big ambitions and hard work!

Be on the lookout as DJ’S FROM MARS continue their quest for world domination!

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