After storming the scene with a bang last year, Rejecta gets yet another highlight with his first anthem!

He will be the man responsible for the anthem for the upcoming Shockerz event. Although he doesn’t have anthem experience, his explosive growth and production expertise will surely make everyone curious about the result.

If you don’t yet know this young man, he suddenly appeared in the scene and went from being a completely unknown producer to having his tracks played in Qlimax and releasing on Roughstate. He spent a few years perfecting his craft without putting out any track and only sent a demo out when he felt it was good enough.

His first big smash hit was Followed, but he’s since had many widely acclaimed releases such as Let My Tape Rock, Move My Body and Deserve To Die, to name a few. He then released his debut album, Rise Of Rejecta, early this summer, which we reviewed and that counts with amazing tunes like Angels In The Sky with B-Front, Give A Damn and Hardness.

With all this in mind we can expect a smashing anthem by this guy! So stay tuned to hear it…

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