The DJ and Producer KSHMR finally released another new song that was slowly showing on his social networks and the fans will surely like it

He is probably one of the DJ’s that has become increasingly prominent in the world of electronic music and has stabilized his career with quality shows that are more than alive and shows some different sounds in his new theme. KSHMR thus presents “Do Bad Well” with Nevve.

As he himself said on his official Instagram page this song was inspired by Native American songs, reminiscent of the western and thus making a melody of his own and something that was surprising in what regards the quality of the music itself. Something very well done by Kshmr that got even better with the vocal part that was always accompanying the melody from beginning to end.

With all of this is KSHMR’s surprising ability and versatility, capable of creating different but very good melodies. This is undoubtedly something that comes from the beginning of his career when he introduced “Baila!” and from that moment on his career progressed to the stability he has today and with all the great songs he has released.

Listen below the new single of KSHMR:

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