If you’re into the dubstep scene you know exactly what we are talking about. If you’re not, we’ll tell you: 12th Planet’s brand new EP released under Disciple Records titled “Swamplex ExtraTerrestrial“.

We seem to have a trend coming from one of the OGs regarding dubstep. First “Swamplex Terrestrial” reminding us a more ‘earthy’ theme, and now, with ExtraTerrestrial, we have a much more ‘outer space’ vibe.

It’s, after the 3 singles and remix released earlier this year, the first big piece of work we have from 12th.

The EP is composed of 6 tracks in total: 4 originals and 2 remixes from other artists. Included on the 4 original tracks, we have a collaboration with Monxx: “Ribbit“; and a solo track that features vocals from Vulgatron: “Deadshot“. The 2 remixes are from Oolacile and Draeden for “Swamplex Terrestrial” and “Let It Bang“, respectively

The 4 originals were released before the remixes. The track that we for sure have to highlight is “Skiddim“. A monstrous riddim tune that has some of the best drums we have ever heard before, it really comes from within. Sound design wise it’s actually some of the best work from 12th, an artist that might be considered a bit too generic at times (for example, with his collab with Monxx): “Ribbit” is another riddim track, like everything we’ve heard from Monxx, featuring a lot of noise and confusion. It’s a mess of a track…

On the brightside of things, “Majestic 12” is one of his best pieces of work as well. Great melodies, great synths, everything working in harmony. Nice one 12th!

We will not get too much into the remixes so we will advise you to listen to the full EP below, we can assure you’ll fancy some of it at least:

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