On this week’s edition of Imminent, we brought some groove into the mix, with Portuguese home boy Christian F!

With a career spaning over 20 years, Christian Friederici is one of THE portuguese names to see live. His ease with the decks along with being a master at rocking a crowd have seen him gather awards and perform gigs across Portugal, Brasil, Spain, France and more.

For this week’s mix, we caught up with him and asked him the usual questions, to offer us some insight on his succesful DJ career:

How was your start as an artist?

My start was perhaps the most common amongst my DJ peers. The love for music started when I was 6, and by age 11 I started producing. It wasn’t long before I started playing at high school parties when I was 13/14, and by the time I was 15, I had my first paid gig over at “Bar de Piscinas” in Beja, one of the hottest spots in all of Alentejo (Portugal). I was given a once in a lifetime opportunity, and from then new residencies popped up (like Karas in Beja, S CLUB in Castro Verde and Mitto in Albufeira). I’ve been keeping my repertoire ever since, and it has already been 20 incredible years!”

Who’s your biggest inspiration?

“In the dance music world, I would say Carl Cox for his mastery of a DJ booth, Roger Sanchez for his unmatched skills, Erick Morillo for the crowd interaction, Bob Sinclar for his irreverence and David Guetta for what he achieved. There are many more, but my biggest inspiration is by far the undying Michael Jackson.”

What obstacles have you faced along the way and how did you surpass them?

“One of my biggest obstacles was the fact that I never had an agency supporting me, which made me think outside the box. I had a couple of partnerships, but everything I have achieved has been either alone or with the help of friends. I have always felt like you need an unbelieveable amount of trust in the people that manage you if you want to have an agency back you up.
The path is way harder if you’re alone, but it is doable and I’m proud of where my path has led me. There are tons of agencies in Portugal and I hope that one day I will be a part of one.
Another thing I had to deal with was a small hearing problema, which I fixed by starting to use earplugs. Never Forget: always protect your hearing!!

With all of this, my objective has always been the same: stay focused and work hard to achieve your goals!”

As for this week’s mix, Christian presented us with a mix of snappy tracks, ranging from techno bangers to dance music anthems, always keeping the groove going with the tradition Christian F style. Overall, a 72 minute extravaganza that is sure to rock your inner dancefloor!

So without any further adue, please welcome Christian F!

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