We all know there are many special events every year around ADE. But this year there will be a very special night brought to you by two labels that have been pushing the boundaries of electronic music forward. For the first time ever, Noir Sur Blanc and Fraudulent Records are teaming up for the first time to create an event of their own: the Bass House Summit!

These labels have a smashing lineup for this magical event and are promising even more by saying they have special unannounced guests. Label founders Koos and Castnowski (from Noir Sur Blanc and Fraudulent, respectively) will of course be there, along with Asdek, Camille, Dave Summit, Justin Blanc, Kramder, Nostalgix and the Portuguese PEACE MAKER! and Mixtec.

These are all class acts, but the Portuguese artists have both been going through an amazing period in their careers. PEACE MAKER! has thus far released not only on Noir Sur Blanc but also on other respectful imprints such as Sans Merci, Confession and In/Rotation and released the Bipolar, a track that can get any dancefloor going. Mixtec is also doing impressive work. Being an artist that can adapt to any kind of crowd or venue, he’s on a roll with tracks like Smash Tone. It is impossible to stand still with him behind the decks.

Want to know why exactly this is a party not to be missed? You’ll just have to trust our word and get your tickets now. You will not regret!

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