Dax J, a DJ and producer based in Berlin, was confirmed by Gare Porto’s organization on 9 November, at dawn from Saturday to Sunday. This is a comeback at the Porto’s venue, a city where he has already played four times, three at Gare and one at the Carnaval Belas-Artes. In Portugal Dax has performed also at Lux Frágil, Ministerium and Neopop Music Festival. We don’t yet know who will play the warm-up set.

Dax J is a DJ and British producer based in Berlin. From 2015, year of the release of his first studio album, “Shades of Black,” Dax began to gain prominence in the British underground scene, when his tracks were played by consecrated ones like Dave Clarke or Ben Klock in their sets for the BBC Radio, the BBC’s Essential Mix. We can expect a techno set, like Klock’s style, at a frenetic pace, and full of obscure and onimous elements, which, according to him, aim to reflect political activism, paranoia and his past in underground raves. This is a new visit to Portugal for the fourth time this year, after performing at Lux Frágil, Neopop and having his presence confirmed for 15th December at LXM Festival.

Gare Porto hasn’t yet created the official event on social media, so for now there is no information about the tickets.

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