Portugal has been the birthplace of many talents, and the DJ and producer Holly is no exception. There must be good genetics at his family, as his cousin DJ Ride is one of the best DJs in the world. Holly just released his awaited remix of ‘Peace‘ by Alison Wonderland and you shouldn’t miss out on this one.

In fact, Miguel Oliveira (aka Holly) has already made a name for himself in the world of dance music and he’s quickly rising to the top, releasing quality remixes and original tracks.

He released his Alameda 1000 EP earlier this month and it already reached more than half a million streams, including his collab with ASAP TyY and NXSTY which had a brilliant success amongst the community.

Now he released his brand new remix for Alison Wonderland. ‘Peace‘ (Holly Remix) brings out some major bass sounds, which will make you jump off your chair to the sounds of both the energetic build up and drop. Alison’s voice fits perfectly on the track and it’s as good as a collab between the two would sound like.

The remix came out on a remix pack and it includes the sounds of QUIX, Nightcall, Kaivon and Blaine Stranger. All of these represent different views on the track and you can easily understand the unique style of each of the producers that make part of the pack.

You can stream it here:

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